Friday, April 15, 2011

Had some sitting time...

I know it shouldn't take getting a stomach bug that keeps me in the chair to sit down and update my blog, but I guess it did this time. We are staying so busy with everyday things around here. Life really is great!! We have so much to be grateful for, and I guess, in some ways having a stomach bug is even a blessing. ;) I am proud to tell you that Brinlee weighed in at a hefty 21 pounds this week in the doctor's office. I took her in because she was just really fussy, and now I know why because I have the bug, too. Again, a blessing that we found out she was gaining weight and didn't have an ear infection. Brice is doing his student teaching at Parkside Elementary in the 4th grade with Jocelyn Frame. He is LOVING it, and I am so glad!! He is now hunting for a job for next year. We really would like to find something close so we can stay in Powell, but we have decided that he should apply for all of the Wyoming positions and see where it takes us. Wyoming pays very well compared to the surrounding states, and there have been layoffs in Colorado that really make the job market around here competetive. We heard there were 160 applicants for two jobs in Powell!! Let us know if you hear of anything coming open in your neck of the woods. Kellon is doing really well in 1st grade. He is getting super excited for Grandparents Day next Thursday. All of the 1st graders host their grandparents for a day of fun and a musical presentation. Today he had career day at school and wasn't quite sure what he wanted to be. He came home and let me know he had decided...a CIA agent. I am not sure how I feel about that, but I don't want to discourage his dreams. :) Barrett is one of the smartest pre-K kids in town--literally. At least that is what the teacher told us at his kindergarten screening. She said he had the highest score all day, and he was very proud of that. Barrett has been going to CRC preschool. I think that he has enjoyed it a lot, and it has helped prepare him for being in all-day kindergarten next year. The girls and I will really miss him! Aubree is suffering with a stomach bug with me right now, but most days she is a happy, imaginative little princess/mommy. It is amazing to me how much she models what I do...a little scary. I try to be a good example because I want her to keep saying she wants to be a mommy just like me when she grows up. Brinlee is getting a little chubby, finally. She is talking a lot and loves to play outside. This week I taught her how to climb the ladder on her little slide all by herself. Now she wants to be outside constantly, but the weather has been cool and windy most days. I am so thankful that she has had a good, healthy winter. Other than her surgery to remove the scar tissue blocking the blood in her heart in December, she has not been in the hospital. I guess I should say a few words about what I have been up to...mostly playing house. ;) I have recently started going to a Zumba exercise class that a lady facilitates at the church three mornings a week. That has been fun and helps me feel a little healthier. Teecee and I have done a couple wedding cakes and some birthday cakes. You can see pictures of most of our stuff on our blog April is my month for sharing time in Primary, so if any of you have any ideas you are working on, let me know. This week I am really struggling with how to organize my thoughts on the Atonement. Of course, it is ward conference, too, so the stake primary will be watching my sharing time. I am trying not to stress out about not knowing what the next few months will bring as far as jobs or where we may end up.
This was our attempt at a self portrait a few nights ago.
Aubree is our little glamour girl.  She loves to go "swimming" in our family room.
Kellon baked and decorated his first cake with Teecee.  He was very excited about it. The writing is all of the kids' names in our family.  He even dictated which piece each of us could eat.
Brinlee is quite a "cheeser" when it comes to the camera.  The trick is taking the picture before she tries to grab the camera and look at the picture.
Barrett is such a handsome boy, especially with a big smile and funny hair.

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  1. It is so good to hear a little from you. Hope you are feeling better though! You should definatly apply if there are any openings in Star Valley. It would be so fun to have you here. Your kids are all getting so big! I miss you guys. We should get together and hit some garage sales!